Elementary School


PRA's elementary school seeks to help students develop academically, socially and physically. A Core Knowledge school, PRA uses character-based education and offers clubs and intramural sports to fulfill PRA's vision of creating academic, social, and ethical leaders.


2023-2024 Elementary Schedule Overview


The elementary curriculum at PRA is based in Core Knowledge, which provides a sequenced set of skills and content in the classroom, and is aligned with Colorado State Model Content Standards and Common Core standards.

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Access for our elementary students is a designated time where our classroom teachers are given time for enrichment opportunities, as well as provide students with tier 1 interventions, reteach lessons or more depending on the needs of the students. In addition, this is a scheduled time when students who are in need of Gifted and Talented support, Interventions outside of the classroom (tier 2 or even tier 3 support) such as students on IEPs receive support.

Extracurriculars/ Athletics

Several after school extracurriculars are offered, including both staff sponsored and those offered from outside providers.
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Elementary Intramural Information